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Dragon Game Servers a branch of DragonTech LLC was started in 2005 with the interest of providing a quality product with friendly customer service at a reasonable price. Great care was spent researching the market to identify what customers were looking for so we would not just be another GSP. We then established a complete business plan focusing on keeping each phase of growth manageable and paying for each phase entirely before moving on. This has allowed us to form a completely paid for company that is not indebted to anyone and has no contractual obligations to other companies. This allows our company to be completely flexible with our expenditures from month to month adjusting them to match our sales levels so that we are able to show a constant profit. This means we are here to stay regardless of what the economy decides to throw our way.

Dragon Game Servers prides itself on quality and taking the blame rather then passing it on. As such we own all our production equipment rather then leasing like many smaller GSPs out there. We are currently utilizing Dual Quad Cores for most game servers and all machines we purchase are Dual processor in addition to multi-core reducing unwanted lag from problem game servers. We also employ CISCO switches and firewalls for network and utilize Remote KVM switches in our established service locations to allow for quick access to machines even when they go offline. Many times preventing the delay of heading to the datacenter floor just to fix some minor issue.

We take customer privacy very seriously and utilize SSL certificates on checkout to ensure your private data is safe during checkout. We are a fully accredited corporation allowing us to accept credit card payments directly as well as accepting the major 3rd party payment gateways of PayPal and Google Checkout for your convenience. We also believe in being fully legal so you wonít find you servers suddenly black listed because we were caught. Donít just take our word for it feel free to click on the links for our licenses to verify them directly with the vendor.

The company is owned by a college graduate with a degree in Business administration and over ten years in the technology field working a wide array of equipment and communications architectures around the states. We employ only qualified technicians and spread staff out across the US to allow for faster identification of potential network problems. So while we may not be the biggest company out there we take pride in what we do and will do anything within reason to meet your needs.

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